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Lucky Dragon, 130 m2. 

Gran Vía Area, Madrid. 
Bar, 130m2.


Interior design

Photo edit Jose Señorán

Special thanks to Silvia Superstar for her collab and unconditional style. 



From the mythical El Fabuloso’s ashes, a new space is reborn under the name of The Lucky Dragon.

The new trash club in Madrid is inspired by the Chinese suburb streets. Every corner represents a film set from the Asian giant. 

The entry’s illumination is characterized by its red color, which is then projected into the establishment in the form of Chinese lanterns that cover the ceiling throughout all the club.

The DJ cabin is a “food truck” from the lucky dragon bar, and the different walls represent a typical old house, a brothel, a sanctuary… All of the furniture is handmade from recycled boxes with fancy graphic designs.

A series of neon lights guide to the bottom floor, where the aesthetic changes and allows The Lucky Dragon to suddenly turn into an elegant and refined club. Its columns covered in a barroco textile and a blue velvet sofa look towards the big curtain framing the stage, perfect to start a Karaoke.

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